The Buying Process

Key points for buying a Park Home

You will be buying the home but not the pitch (plot). The pitch remains in the ownership of the Site Owner who is responsible for maintaining and managing the site.

Your pitch agreement will be protected by the Mobile Homes Act 1983, which regulates the contract between you and the site owner and sets out the parties' respective rights and obligations.

If you are buying the home from an existing resident, the site owner will be entitled to 10% commission of the sale price. Likewise, should you sell in the future, the site owner will be entitled to 10% commission.

If you are buying from a resident, you do not need to contact the site owner. You do not have to give any personal details to the site owner or attend an interview with them, even if you are told to.

You will pay a pitch fee for the occupation of the pitch and you may be charged separately for your water, gas an electricity which the site owner may supply directly for your home. You will pay council tax to the local authority which is most likely to be Band A.

Buying from the Site Owner

Step 1Written Statement

This document sets out the terms of the proposed pitch agreement which must be given to you 28 days before you enter into the contract. At this stage you are under no obligation to purchase the home. You can agree to sign the agreement before the 28 days if you wish to complete the sale sooner.

Step 2Express & Implied Terms

There are two types if terms under which you are permitted to station your park home on the pitch and in the site. There are those implied by law and those other terms which you have agreed to with the site owner are express terms.

Step 3Site Rules

If a site has rules you should be given a written copy of them. can provide a list of banned rules including rules enforced before the ban.

Step 4Entering into The Pitch Agreement

If you are satisfied with the legal paperwork, the agreement needs to be signed and dated by you and the site owner.

Buying from a Resident

Step 1Buyers Information Form

The seller must supply you with prescribed information to enable you to make an informed decision to purchase the home. This needs to be provided within 28 days before the completion date but if you are happy to complete earlier, you must let the seller know in writing.

Step 2Notice of Proposed Sale

You will then need to notify the seller by filling out a Notice of proposed sale form which the seller will pass onto the site owner. They will then have 21 days to decide whether or not to object to the sale.

Step 3Assignment

The transfer of the agreement is called "assignment. You and the seller will need to complete a form which gives effect to the assignment.

Step 4Payment & Completion

You must pay 90% of the sale price upon completion and you must send the site owner the notice of assignment form with supporting documents within 7 days of assignments. The remaining 10% must be paid within 7 days of the site owner sending their bank details.

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