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What is your Park home worth? - How to value your park home, lodge or static caravan

What is your Park home worth? | How to value your park home


Ultimately as the seller of your park home, lodge or static caravan you will be the person to decide and set the price when it comes to selling your property however, knowing where to start and how to value your property is a different matter. Charge too much and you risk being on the market forever, set the price too low and you lose out on precious extra money. It really can be a minefield and a stressful task but we aim to relieve some of that pressure for you with our handy guide to valuing your park home. Our tips and advice will help you get the price right.


Tips to value your property

#1 - Talk to your neighbours

Ask new residents how much they paid for their park home, if they got any discounts, if there was many homes at that price. You’ll be surprised what you find out and it’ll give you a rough starting point to valuing your own property


#2 - Make the most of the internet

Anything and I mean anything can be found on the internet including thousands of park homes, lodges and caravans for sale. Use the internet and google terms like ‘park homes for sale’ to bring up for sale listings, agents websites and park operators selling new homes. Use the information you find to gauge the likely value of your property. Remember to take into consideration the age, condition, location, features and the fact its second hand as all these factors will effect your selling price


#3 - Call the estate agents

Nearly all estate agents offer free, no obligation valuations and this is your perfect opportunity to take advantage of that. Get a minimum of 3 agents to value your property, I advise 3 because you’ll want to use an average value of all three valuations as the valuation figure. Estate agents often overvalue properties to excite you and entice you in to signing up with them and due to this its important that you don’t just take the word of one agent. Shop around, see lots of estate agents and gather as much information as you can. Question the market, find out what’s going on in the industry - is it a good time to sell for example?. Knowledge is power and you’ll feel a lot more confident about selling and deciding on your selling price once you have obtained plenty of info. 

Remember do not to tell the estate agent that you're just wanting a valuation and you may not sell with them as they might charge you or not come at all! 


#4 - What do you want?

It’s all well and good doing all this but YOU must decide what you want. If you’re desperate to move or need to release some cash you may wish to lower your price however, if your in no hurry then sitting at marketing value for a little longer isn’t going to hurt. Ultimately the price is down to you and what you don’t. Don’t be pushed into picking a price you don’t feel comfortable with. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and be confident with your decisions and remember you do NOT have to use estate agents to sell your property!.

Here at Parkmove we actually recommend you don’t use traditional estate agents as most are not qualified to sell these types of properties due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the industry. You should always go with a company who specialise in park homes, just like us :) 


Also remember not to tell the estate agent that you won’t be using them because you just might :) 



So now you’ve decided on your selling price are you ready to sell? Here’s how to do it the quick and easy way WITHOUT spending a penny more than you need to! Find all the information you need about selling your park home, lodge or static caravan right here.

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