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Residential & Leisure Park homes & Lodges for sale across the UK

Parkmove are passionate about park living... Whether your looking for a residential retirement home, second home for holidays or for an investment for we would love to help you find your dream home on the perfect park. Living on a park appeals to many people for so many different reasons If you have a busy work schedule how important is it for you to escape to a relaxing environment to spend quality time with your loved ones. Holiday parks are set in stunning locations which lots family friendly activities right on your doorstep Imagine being able to escape everyday like when ever you have a weekend free. In an increasingly busy world where many people have such a stressful time at work the opportunity to just chill has never been more important. Take a look at the fabulous static homes and lodges that Parkmove have for sale. Maybe you are thinking of retiring and looking for a tranquil location where you can enjoy your retirement with like minded people. Park homes are a fantastic buy offering stylish and contemporary living in a home that require very little maintenance. Check out some of the great locations on the Parkmove website where you can choose from stunning locations all over the country Parkmove are at the end of the phone if you would just like to chat through your options. We have vast experience in the industry and are happy to answer any initial questions you may have regarding holiday lodges or Park home living. Feel free to give our friendly team a call or use our park finder service on our website

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