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Myths Busted – The TRUTH about life on a residential park

Residential parks have become increasingly popular over the recent years, for many people significantly improving their quality of life but there are still misleading reputations preventing others from making this lifestyle change. Often is the case, the phrase ‘residential park’ carries negative connotations linked with run-down trailer parks or the travelling community betrayed on TV however, in reality, park home estates are luxurious, peaceful and within proximity to some fantastic facilities.

MYTH 1: There are hidden costs with park home living If park homes appear affordable… It’s because they are! Lodges are typically cheaper to buy than residential property so many presume they are ‘too good to be true’. The reason behind this is very simple: they are cheaper to run, generally smaller and built to residential specification. The only cost incurred that may differ from a Freehold property is site fees for maintenance and upkeep but these will not come as a surprise and are similar to owning a Leasehold.

MYTH 2: Park homes are poorly made and lose their value Similar to residential property, age, size, specification and location all contribute to the overall value. Prices can fluctuate depending on the market/demand and like anything you own, the standard will only be as good as you make it. Simply put, if a park home is looked after then it will hold its value for a long period of time. Each park home must be up to BS3632 specification which means they can be used as a main residence even throughout winter months. A model built to this standard will include some of the following: - Increased wall, flooring, roof insulation - Double glazing as standard - Central heating as standard - A-rated appliances - LED lighting A successful and reputable park will only provide quality park homes. Parkmove can help you find the right one just for you.

MYTH 3: Park homes are only for the elderly or those who can’t afford a house It is not uncommon knowledge that a significant portion of park homes belong to the elderly demographic although this is rapidly changing. The lifestyle choice to own a park home has evolved with the facilities that are now on offer that expand to families and couples alike. Not only are they great for an adventure but financially an ideal way to release equity or for those looking to downsize without giving up on certain luxuries and still improving overall quality of life.

MYTH 4: Living in a residential park home is dangerous Quite the opposite, in fact residential parks are likely to have higher security than most housing estates! It is an important factor that park owners need to consider when managing their site so most parks are normally gated. There is also a huge sense of community as you will be living amongst other like-minded people. Convinced? Start searching for your new park home today on

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