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Do I Need a Solicitor to Buy a Park Home? 4 Reasons Why You Might Want To...

There is no legal requirement that states you need to take any form of legal advice or that you need a conveyancer at all to carry out the transaction. However, here are a few reasons why using an experienced park home solicitor can put your mind at ease…


It is a major commitment


Like any home or big purchase, it is an important decision to make. There will be financial and maintenance commitments that come alongside buying a park home, lodge or static caravan therefore, it is strongly advised to take advice from a professional to ensure that it is the right choice for you.


Following the correct procedure


It is important that the sale and purchase is handled properly to make the transaction legitimate. There are obligations from both parties that need to be upheld or it could invalidate the transaction and potentially prove costly.


To protect yourself from a legal standpoint


It is important that you understand the contract and review it thoroughly, this review can be undertaken by a conveyancer for you. You and the park owner will need to agree the terms expressed in the contract which may include pitch fees or ground rent, utilities and owner’s duties.


Under the Mobile Homes Act 1983 there are a set of “implied terms” which by law are contractual terms that must be adhered to. These have been put in place to protect the interests of both owner and resident.


Reduce stress


The correct guidance from a legal expert will give you the confidence and reassurances you require to make an informed purchase on your home. This should make the process a smooth and enjoyable transaction for all and give you peace of mind so you can start settling in to your new lifestyle.


There are a high number of cases where no legal guidance has been sought but ultimately it is up to you to double-check the information given to you and conduct your own due diligence before buying any product or service.


Would you like to speak to an experienced park home conveyancer?


Parkmove recommend using Key Conveyancing Solicitors for a smooth and informative purchase or sale of your park home, lodge or static caravan. Key Conveyancing Solicitors are a no-nonsense solicitors practise that helps you buy and sell property with minimum fuss at a cost-effective rate. They will ensure your sale or purchase will be dealt with in a personal way and that you will be kept informed as to the progress of matter at all stages.


Key Conveyancing 

·      Simple no-obligation fixed quote

·      No sale, no fee

·      Personal service

·      Regular updates


Get a quote by emailing or by calling us on 03333 20 20 88.

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