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3 Reasons to Retire on a Park

Retirement on a park


Courage is when you dare to be yourself, in whatever ways you want to be - to not be afraid, to just do it! - Loung Ung. 


Jump into Park home life for a safe, sociable and affordable retirement.


Due to the increase in popularity, park home living has become an affordable and safe environment to retire in. With many residential parks across the UK, the amount of people choosing to retire in a tranquil, private setting is on the rise.


1. Safety and Security 

Safety isn't expensive - it's priceless. Many parks offer a safe and secure environment for their residents, perfect for those looking for additional security in and around their home. By providing reassurance and reducing fear, older people or people living on their own desire this comfortable environment to live in. CCTV and gated parks limit access to non-residents and provides peace of mind that your home and belongings are well and truly protected. 


2. Close Knit Communities

Community is about doing something together that makes belonging matter. - Brain Solis

Due to the increase in digitalisation and reliance on the internet, close knit communities are few and far between. Prepare to be welcomed into a warm and friendly community that many people of retirement age thrive in. Although privacy is there when you need it most, living on a park also invites many of the most important social elements back into society. Creating a network of friendships through common interests, Residential parks bring people together. 



3. Affordable, Low Maintenance Living 

Do you want to save some cash? Downsizing may be for you! Park living can become appealing to many people of retirement age due to downsizing leading to the reduction in monthly outgoings. Maintaining a bricks and mortar property can become tiresome and hard work. Kick back and relax with the low maintenance nature of a park home, giving you a stress-free sanctuary to retire. Often costs are lower than a traditional residential property, with the majority of park homes falling into the lowest council tax bracket (Band A). Fear of freezing in the winter? Not to worry! New park homes are built in accordance with the British standard BS 3632 and are often very energy efficient, equipped with central heating, double glazing and carpeted throughout.


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